Young Plant Scientist

FESPB Award to Young European Plant Scientists

The FESPB Awards are the Federation’s most prestigious awards. Two FESPB Awards are given to young scientists chosen from nominations put forward by each of the constituent societies of the FESPB or FESPB senior members.

The winners are selected by the Awards Committee. The Committee is lead by the Chair of FESPB Grants & Awards Committee, prof. Jana Albrechtová. Candidates for the Awards Committee are proposed by the Chair of Awards Committee in collaboration with the FESPB Executive Committee members who approve the final Awards Committee. Candidates for the Awards Committee have a very strong scientific record and will represent different FESPB members countries.

Awardee gets:

  • Winners will receive free registration for PBE 2020 and 2,000 Euros for their travel and accommodation for the PBE Congress 2020. One price is sponsored by Physiologia Plantarum and the other one by Journal of Experimental Botany
  • Winners will write a review for the journal, which sponsored the price.
  • A time slot to make an oral presentation at PBE2020


  • The applicant have completed his/her Ph.D. no more than six years before the start of the Congress.
  • The applicant must be nominated by the national representative of the societies belonging to FESPB or by a senior member of FESPB.
  • The applicant should be preferably a member of national society, which is a member of FESPB.

Application instructions are available in the link on right of this web page “Application

Deadline for nomination for a FESPB Award 2020: March 28, 2020

Awards will be announced: April 20, 2020