Past Congresses

Recent Congresses

The 20th FESPB/EPSO Congress was held in Prague, Czech, June 26-30, 2016

The 19th FESPB/EPSO Congress (2014), co-organised by FESPB and EPSO, was held in Dublin, Ireland from 22 to 26 of June 2014.

The 18th FESPB Congress (2012) was co-organised by FESPB and EPSO and was held in Freiburg, Germany from 29 of July to 3 of August 2012. More information can be found here FESPB 2012.

The 16th FESPB Congress at Tampere, Finland from 18 to 22 of August 2008. More than 1200 participants from 60 counties presented the state-of-the-art in Plant Biology. For more info:

All FESPB Congresses 1978 – Now

Congresses of the Federation of European Societies of Plant Physiology, FESPP. (As the Federation was renamed in 2002 Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology, FESPB, the Congresses since 2004 are FESPB Congresses. However, they are counted-in with the previous FESPP congresses.)

# Place Date President
1st Edinburgh 10–13 July 1978 Prof Charles P. Whittingham
2nd Santiago de Compostela 27th July–1st August 1980 Prof Ernesto Vieitez
3rd Warsaw Cancelled due to martial law Prof Roman Antoszewski
4th Strasbourg 29th July–3rd August 1984 Prof Henri Duranton
5th Hamburg 31st August–4th September 1986 Prof Hartmut K. Lichtenthaler
6th Split, Yugoslavia 4th–10th September 1988 Prof Miloje R. Sarić
7th Umeå 5th–10th August 1990 Prof Ola Heide / Prof Dr Gunar Öquist
8th Antwerpen 23rd–28th August 1992 Prof Jean-Pierre Verbelen
9th Brno 3rd–8th July 1994 Prof Stanislav Procházka
10th Florence 9th–13th September 1996 Prof Amedeo Alpi
11th Varna 7th–11th September 1998 Prof Emanuel N. Karanov
12th Budapest 21st–25th August 2000 Prof László Erdei
13th Hersonissos, Crete 2nd–6th September 2002 Prof Kalliopi A. Roubelakis-Angelakis
14th Krakow, Poland 23th–25th August 2004 Prof Franciszek Dubert
15th Lyon 17th–21st July 2006 Prof Christian Dumas
16th Tampere, Finland 22nd-28th August 2008 Prof Jan Schjoerring
17th Valencia, Spain 4th-9th July 2010 Prof Jose Pio Beltran
18th Freiburg, Germany 22nd July–3rd August 2012 Prof Heinz Rennenberg
19th Dublin, Ireland 22nd-26th June 2014 Prof Bruce Osborne